Terms & Holidays 2022/2023

Please Note that our school year now consists of three 11 week terms. Therefore prices for the year have not changed, just altered to accommodate 3 terms rather than 4 terms. Dates for when term payments are due stated below to help you plan your year.
Term 1
payment for Term 1 is due by Mon 22nd August
Monday 5th Sept – Saturday 26th Nov 2022
Mid – term Break:
Monday 31st Oct – Sunday 6th Nov 2022
Term 2
payment for Term 2 is due by Thurs 17th November
Monday 28th Nov ’22 – Saturday 11th March 2023
Christmas Holidays:
Tuesday 20th December ‘22 – Thursday 5th January 2023 inclusive
February Mid Term Break:
Monday 13th Feb – Sunday 19th Feb 2023
Term 3
payment for Term 3 is due by Thurs 2nd March
Monday 13th March – Saturday 10th June 2023
St Patricks Holidays:
Friday 17th & Saturday 18th March 2023
Easter Holidays:
Monday 3rd April – Sunday 16th April 2023